Get the Ultimate Cosy Bedroom for Less with a Dunelm Discount Code

Summer 2015 is drawing to a close and there’s been no escaping this reality in the last couple of weeks, as the evenings have been getting noticeably darker and the mornings more crisp. That’s why now is a great time to make that bedroom extra cosy for those long Winter nights, and at the moment you can get it done a lot more cheaply if you use one of the many Dunelm discount codes that are available.

Teddy Bear Collection at Dunelm

The Teddybear Collection

This year sees the introduction of a very exciting new range at Dunelm, known as the Teddy Bear Collection. For those who have not yet heard of it, it’s a range of special, sumptuous products that are made from snuggly, soft fabric that is not too dissimilar to that soft, familiar feel of the teddy bear that you may have had when you were a child. Lines within this range include:

  • Throws
  • Cushions
  • Rugs
  • Bedding
  • Nightwear

All of the above are available in 12 fantastic colours, including white, cream, chocolate brown, duck egg blue, mauve and many more. As well as a great choice of colours most products within the Teddy Bear Collection range are available in all of the most popular sizes for both adults and children.

Discount Codes and Cashback

With such a great selection of cosy furnishings available you will be forgiven for adding quite a few items to your shopping basket. But before you check out, make sure you check the voucher codes slug for a code or deal that will save you money. You can find the voucher codes slug page for Dunelm discount codes here. Don’t forget that you can save even more if you use a cashback site as well. Quidco are offering 3% cashback on online purchases and you can find their Dunelm page here.

And there you have it, a great way to get hold of items within an exciting new range from one of the UK’s most reputable retailers of bedding and other home furnishings. Now you can sit back, relax and enjoy the Autumn and Winter months in the ultimate cosiness.

Here are Some Good Reasons to Shop Online at Instead of Visiting the Shop

To start with I would like to get off my chest the fact that I absolutely love visiting the Dunelm Mill sites, and that it’s actually a pastime of mine. I visit at least one Dunelm Mill store each and every week, as more devoted followers would have read in this post. That said, here are the reasons why it’s often more beneficial to shop online for anything that you want to buy from Dunelm. There’s nothing to stop you from visiting your nearest shop and having a good old browse, then coming back home, making a nice cup of sugary tea and then ordering all of the products that you are lusting over online.

Which leads me on to my first reason; you are bound to find every single products that you saw in your local store online – plus a lot more. In my experience Dunelm have one of the largest product selections online compared to all of the other online retailers in the same category. The way things are moving forward with technology and e-commerce etc I can only see this as a huge advantage and the main reason why in just a few years’ time the rest of the home furnishing retails world will be playing catch up.

So as I said before you could just visit your local store, find the things that you want and then when you come to browse the website later you will no doubt find the things that you loved as well as a hell of a lot more, with some stuff even being better than what you originally liked.

Another reason for buying from instead of the shops is because there are certain perks that you can get online that you just can’t get anywhere else. These are

  • Option to sign up to the newsletter to be informed of exiting new products and ranges
  • Lots of competitions such as “Win a £25 shopping spree”
  • Safe and secure payments
  • A number of suitable delivery options

All of this is in addition to one of my most favourite things – voucher codes. I have been a fan of these since they got bi in this country and most of the time I simply refuse to shop without one. Which is great for Dunelm because when they do release a new discount code or deal it means that I am virtually 100% guaranteed to buy something from them – you only have to look at my excitement about the new Teddy Bear Collection to see how much I love to shop there.

Why I Love Dunelm Mill So Much

Dunelm Mill lit up at night like a Christmas tree

As a middle age singleton I do spend a fair bit of my time browsing shops in search of things to buy firstly so that I don’t just find myself at home sitting on the sofa and eating myself into oblivion and secondly because I can hopefully try to replace the thing that I miss most in my life with something else that I love – fabrics and textiles!

However unlike most single people of my age you won’t find me in the local shopping centre scouring the clothes shops and you won’t find me ordering clothes off of the fashion websites like ASOS and New Look either. Instead, my favourite haunt for shopping and window shopping is the local retail park.

This is because the retail parks is the best place to find a Dunelm Mill. (Note: I am well aware that they now brand themselves as “Dunelm” and I think it’s a great marketing strategy because so many people used to pronounce the old way incorrectly, but to me it will always be known as Dunelm Mill as this is the way it has been hardwired into my brain and it’s just too difficult to change that now. This is someone who still refers to a Snickers chocolate bar as a Marathon despite the fact that they have not been called this in the UK for a quarter of a century.) Anyway the reason why I visit the Dunelm Mills in the retail parks is because of the fact that they tend to be the ones with the largest floor space and therefore offer the widest range of products. For someone like me who visits them at least once a week this is important because you do get very familiar with the various products and ranges over time.

So why do I love Dunelm so much? I think the main reason is the fact that everything about them just seems to have an air of quality that many other large home furnishing stores seems to lack. They make a lot of their own products which means that the people who work there are knowledgeable about them, presumably because the management actually tell them about the existing new products that are due to be sold. Therefore I feel at home when I’m at Dunelm because I’m not the only one who gets excited about their curtain rails, rugs and cushions – the staff are equally as enthusiastic and I think that’s brilliant.

I also like the fact that the quality doesn’t come at an unaffordable price for the average person. I know stores like John Lewis pride themselves on selling some of the best quality luxury items that money can buy, however to me they do not represent value for money because they ask for so much money for their products. Dunelm Mill products are mostly affordable and you know that they will last a lifetime if you look after them. Unfortunately they never get the chance to last a lifetime for me as I tend to replace most furnishings in my home every 2 years or so. But there you have it, why all I ever want for Christmas and birthdays is a Dunelm gift car. (hint, hint) 🙂